Well, Activationcrew.com is software management tools, that helps you to manage diffrent jobs promoters at the same time, see you work payroll and client invoices. Also, Activationcrew.com gives you the advantage to build your own database and applications keeping them recorded all times in one place with updated information.

Because there will always be times when booking staff is difficult and need quick responce. The website gives you a freshly and new staff database on a daily bases. Furthermore, maintaining a database is costly and time consuming. All information is kept up to date by registered staff, mainly because it is easy for staff to visit one central place to do everything rather than the same thing in many different places. That way it is self-cleansing and makes keeping in touch with people easier.


In several key ways, actually. Whether you are Searching-For-promoters, or simply want to get a job booked up quickly, you can search the database and see who is definitely available – you can even limit this to people just registered with you! This saves valuable time and money calling staff whose phones are switched off, or are unavailable. The other benefits are in relation to New Business – cutting down, even out the cold calling prospective clients – our service brings them to you!

Also, you have a great benifits from booking the Venues promotional spaces for your activation from the hot venues that avilable in your areas, with spaces prices and availability which save your planning time


As an Agency you get access to HOT New Business leads from companies, brands and manufacturers, plus a real-time, up to the minute database of Promotional Models, promoters and Ushers. Not only that but the Activationcrew.com website provides you the ability to perform numerous tasks such as see Staff Availability in Real-time and book them direct, send Email Job Alerts, search the database with our SUPERSEARCHTM facility.



No. We are an impartial organisation servicing Brands, Promotional staff, Field Marketing & Brand Experience agencies Worldwide. We provide a multitude of services increasing efficiency throughout all aspects of the industry.


Yes, you can apply for a many jobs at the same time, but once accepted at a job, your calendar will be booked at the work shifts time and then you can't recieve any new jobs at the same time. 


after applying on a job :

1- you will recieve a notifcation for an interview time.

2- if accepted after the interview, you will recieve a notification to join the project staff

3- you will find a new board for the project staff, ables you to communicate with the supervisor and other project staff

4- you have to fill your assigned reports from the work dashboard on a daily bases inorder to be paid

5- you can create a daily invoice for each shift you attended, and you have to wait for supervisor approval and confirmation to collect your money

Go for your Profile name, then choose your dashboard and start fill your personal date, be accurate and fill all your personal date, your travel ability, your work & history experience.

upload a couple of clear photos for you helps to get a better jobs 

Becoming a full member of Activationcrew.com costs for 6 months or for a year. However, for a limited time only we are giving away free 6 month memberships.


Ensure your photo is in the correct format. Please upload PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP or TIF files, no more than 512kb each.


Follow the advice listed below to ensure you get the most from the service.

Profile: Ensure your profile is FULLY & accurately filled in!

Your Contact Details: Keep up to date as this is how agencies will contact you.

Your Registered Agencies: Tick each agency you are ACTUALLY registered with.

Add at least one photo – agencies & brands like to see who they are booking.

Emails & site notification from Activationcrew.com: Read these as they will contain information regarding Jobs, your profile & updates to the service. Replying quickly to any Jobs listed will give you the best chance of success. All details will be found within the email. A copy of this will also be posted on the Jobs Board online.

Jobs Board: View this as often as possible as it is updated daily - once positions are booked they are usually quickly removed.

Availability: Update this as often as possible – each time you do so you will go to the top of the availability list that all agencies can view.


Yes, but Activationcrew.com do not guarantee work. The success of our service is reliant on how you use the service. Update your availability, keep your profile up to date and accurate, and you will definitely get the best from the service. Our service is not only about providing you work, its also about providing you a central database of useful information, however one of our key strengths is offering you the ability to promote yourselves to the Industries Agencies and Brands who all book out work on behalf of major brands easily and efficiently.


Once you have registered as a full member to the Free service Time, you can then login and start taking advantage of all the services which include, CV builder, full access to an Agency Directory and online Jobs Board, the ability to list your Availability through a Real-time database which can then be accessed by registered Agencies and Brands, Job Alerts via email, Special Member Offers, plus lots more.


To register with Activationcrew.com you do need to have an understanding of the industry. As we are an industry specific resource it would not benefit you to register without this however there is still a way.

If you are not currently working in the industry but have other relevant experience and would like to register then select the appropriate option when registering and tell us a bit about you.

Alternatively, if you have no previous knowledge then you can either do your own research and come back to us once you have done this and registered to an agency OR you can get the ‘Guide to Promotions and Field Marketing’ which tells you all you need to know – once you have read this you will then have have a full understanding of the industry and how to register with us.

Once you have done either of these you can then revisit the website and finish your registration.


Activationcrew.com is an Internet based resource which is tailored to the Promotions, Field Marketing and Brand Experience Industry. A current subscription is required to access the content and services that are provided.