About US

About us:
Activation Crew is an online recruitment platform that helps to best matchmaking between employers and candidates to offer part-time jobs based on their skills, knowledge, and Talents they have with an extension to cover areas like Volunteering jobs, Special job time jobs.  
Our Story
5 years of working experience in the marketing and events industries allow me to handle a connecting people industry with a lot of requests to find someone or an idea to deliver the brand message to the different audience.

During 2013, we got a vision of building a process that organises that incredible industry with a clear process.
we started the journey by developing the beta version and started to approach different companies to get on ground live feedback.
Now are about to launch the new version of the future.

The problem
Brands and agencies are talking a lot of time to find a very specific candidates and brands ambassadors, with a lot of filtration process to find the proper one.
On the other hand, people got incredible gifts & Skills and they don't know how to use it or find the proper companies with no fake ads to get paid for their time and skills.
The solution
We worked on analysing the market with a wide scope and we developed for 3 years the first website of its kinds with an integrated process to hire, interview, communicate, and payment system.